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I would like to explain my "frump" remark. I did not write that in the correct sense of what I was trying to get across and I apologize.

I was a bit upset and unfortunately, this site does not allow for corrections. In no way did I mean it as a reference to people. I meant that the design or cut for UK pants, at least with this company, are very different than US in that they have smaller wastes and larger hips for my US size equivalent.

So it made me look frumpy while wearing them by giving me baggy hips and sagging behind while too tight around my waist. I am sorry for the misunderstanding and ask for forgiveness.

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wraplondon.com and poetryfashion.com are sister companies and they have others. They are all run the same and you will have the same problems with them.

Original review posted by user May 09, 2012

This place is a joke. You spend a ton of money for their supposedly "high end" linen clothing that is touted as high fashion because it is coming from the UK and you get mediocre thin tops and pants that make you look like a frump because they are designed for UK people not Americans.

The sizing is way off and never fits and you wait forever to get them. But they get your money right away! It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to get your packages from overseas and then you have to pay an enormous customs charge at the post office before you can get them. Then you have to mail your receipt to Florida and 3 weeks later you get a reimbursement.

Every return is sent to Florida then back to the UK so do not plan on seeing a refund for at least a month. I will never buy from this company again.

Review about: Wrap London Clothing.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Au contraire! I have purchased from both companies just in the past year and am extremely pleased with the quality and customer care of these companies. Quite frankly, I love their sweaters...the style, quality and feel are beautiful!


I have bought a lot from this company and have never found any problem.And I resent the comment about the UK fashions being for frumps.If you are buying from the UK from the U.S. Surely you expect things to take longer.?

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1273260

I've been purchasing from Wrap for several years, and am very happy with the clothes I've received. The fabrics and details make the clothing special.

I am petite, and have had to learn what sizes work for me. I like that they list garment lengths, and whether the clothing is boxy, fitted, etc.

I have had no problems with delivery, returns, or customer service. I've never purchased from Poetry, so I can't speak to that, but in my experience, Wrap doesn't deserve the bad 'wrap' that's being put forth.


They are appalling - they stole my address from somewhere and keep bombarding me with catalogues despite me requesting 5x to stop! Pretty sure its illegal.


I read many of these comments, but decided to place an order anyway. i ordered tops and bottoms, had to return half the order because of sizing.

After several emails and calls because of no communication about my return, I finally made a threat... 6 weeks it took to get my refund!

If you order make sure you track it! And quite frankly the clothes are nothing special to go through all this...


I have spent a ltd of money with Poetry however the sweater dress I purchased was worn twice and stretched so more turned it. It was returned saying the size was correct, then I read reviews...not possible before I purchased it, to find it was oversized.

Bowden would never hav quibbled and I have had no reply to my complaint, will not buy again.


Whoa! Not my experience at all!

I purchased jeans of very high quality and fit, a sweater and two camisoles. The pricing was on par with other U.S. high end mail order clothing.

No, I did not purchase any linen products and gambled on the fact if I did have a return I might not see a credit for awhile. For me, no returns and I am very pleased with my purchases.


This site leads off with two 2012 complaints.....I wonder who is paying them to keep this negativity flowing three years later..top position on a page like this is no accident. But it is biased and not at all representative of the current experience with either Wrap of Poetry.


I think they are smaller than US - just like here, it varies from store to store. Ann Taylor runs small, Chico's larger. etc.


I have found the garments exactly as described. Light and airy tops, beautifully made coats.

Things are a bit skimpy - and made for slender people. I think that is well represented by their pictures. Their High Winter catalog has a nice range of over sized too. But they do say when something is fitted, etc.

I can only afford a few pieces a year, but I do love the attention to detail.

And have had -0- problems with getting my items quickly, or my returns taken care of.


Was going to place an order. Now, because of these reviews, I am not. Thanks for the reviews.


I ordered a lovely blue linen mix sweatshirt style top from this company - three gentle washes and line drys later the material is see through with holes appearing. Postage is expensive and very slow compared to similar companies. I remain ambivalent about this lot - you pay a lot of money for slow service and items not suited to normal wear.


I'm so glad I found this as I was just getting ready to order a bunch of clothes. I'll spend my money somewhere else.


Totally acknowledge your right to complain... However WE ARE NOT ALL SIZE 18 frumpy dumpy people in UK...(Many bigger ladies are VERY STYLISH).We have super funky size 6-22 stuff..

Good quality too!!! Also our designers are excellent.


I have had a completely different experience. I love both wrap and poetry.

I wait for sales, and love their clothing, which do not ever make you look like an American hooker, which so much of American clothing seems to aim for.

I now know which sizes are best for me and hardly ever send anything back, but when I do, refunds are quick. I have NEVER paid a duty fee on my orders.


I love Poetry. Beautiful clothes, fine fabrics - I don't want to wear anything else. Customer service has been fine with me and I had to return or exchange numerous things until I figured out the sizing.

to Lukey #978224

Just wondering, would you say Poetry clothes run large or small?

Newport News, Virginia, United States #973185

Both companies NEVER offer any discounts or free shipping. They are also late on shipments and deliveries are not what they promise.

They charge $15 for shipment, but only charge $6 for returns??

Their prices are high, and not all of the clothing is of good quality.

Maybe if they had any/some offers, they might be worth the risk.

to Jenn #1029864

That is exactly why I will never order from either one; there are many stores in America that carry a good quality of clothing, along with sales and reasonable shipping fees. After reading the reviews

I know I will never order from either one.

to Jenn #1065134

I live in the UK and have bought a number of items which have been terrific - and guess what? I only buy in the SALES, which offer great discounts!!! Just be quick as everyone who loves them loves a bargain.

I've had great compliments when wearing their clothes which, for what you pay, are definitely worth the money, and people always think they must be incredibly expensive which they aren't.

Happy, happy, happy !

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